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Products  -   Profile  Rail  Linear  Guides

MR series Miniature Profile Rail Linear Guide
Miniature Profile Rail Linear Guides
WRC series Wide Profile Linear Guide
Wide Profile Rail
ARC series Profile Rail Linear Guide
Standard Profile Rail Linear Guides
HRC series Square Rail Linear Guide
Heavy Square Rail Linear Guides
ARR series Roller Linear Guide
Standard Height Roller Linear Guides
HRR series Roller Linear Guide
High Profile Roller Linear Guides
LRR series Roller Linear Guide
Low Profile Roller Linear Guides

Lintech's Linear Guide Products:

Lintech has available 6 different profile rail linear guide versions to choose from. There is the miniature version, a cost effective automation linear guide series, a high load capacity linear guide series, a wide rail linear guide series, a standard height roller linear guide series and a high profile roller linear guide series.

Linear Square Rail Configurations:

The 2 row re-circulating miniature square rail MR series linear guide is available in sizes from 2 to 15 mm. The block and LM linear rail is made of 440c stainless steel and has several different seal options for the block end and bottom. The MR series is ideal for small space environment applications requiring light to medium load capacities, while maintaining very precise positioning accuracy and repeatability. The 4 row re-circulating standard load capacity ARC series linear guide series is available in sizes 15 to 55 mm. The heavy load capacity HRC linear guide series is also available in 15 to 55 mm sizes, and is designed for those heavier load applications. There are short, standard, and long block versions available in each series, which allow the user to match the different capacities to the requirements of the application. Each bearing block has available different end and bottom seal versions and a self, long lasting lube option. Either the ARC or HRC block can fit on the same size alloy steel linear rail. Lintech allows the user to select any length rail to the nearest millimeter when ordering and precision cuts the rail to the requested length. All of the MR, ARC, HRC, WRC, ARR, HRR and LRR series products can be configured as desired and priced online. Contact us today with your needs.

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