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Products  -   Custom   Positioning  Assemblies  and  Systems

   Custom XY Linear Positioning Actuators:

Sometimes a standard mechanical assembly, linear slide, linear actuator, or positioning system is not the right choice for a particular motion control application. It may also be impossible, or not practical, to have the system built in house by your own design team. Let us take a look at your special requirements. We have been designing and building custom assemblies and positioning systems for over 44 years. We have the design engineering staff, a versatile machine shop, and the experienced assembly team to create that custom mechanical positioning system. We can use our many years of experience to help you select the right approach to a unique motion control problem.

   Custom XYZ Linear Positioning Slides:

Below are just a few of the many different custom systems we have built over the years. Lintech has built one off mechanical positioning systems to OEM multiple quantity special components for use in a wide range of markets. We have built custom units for small, medium and even large fortune 500 companies. So give us a call, visit one of our submit an application information page, or email us your drawing and requirement. We will review all the information, and then we will help design that positioning component or system that you require.
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  Partial List of Customers:
Abbott Labs
Argonne National Laboratory
Babcock & Wilcox
BAE Systems
Becton Dickenson
Boston Scientific
Dow Chemical
Eastman Kodak
Eglin Air Force
Eli Lilly
Ford Motor Company
General Electric
Hewlett Packard
KLA Tencor
Kraft Foods
Lawrence Livermore Lab
Lockheed Martin
Los Alamos National Lab
National Renewable Energy
Northrop Grumman
Oak Ridge National Lab
Procter & Gamble
Texas Instruments
The Bose Company
US Army
US Navy
Westinghouse Electric
Custom Multi-Axis Systems
Multi-Axis Systems
Modular (X-Y), (X-Z), and (X-Y-Z) Systems
Custom Two Carriage Table
Two Carriage Table
Automated Part Assembly
Custom XY Open Frame
XY Open Frame
XY Inspection Station
Custom X-Y Laser Marking
X-Y Laser Marking
X-Y Laser Marking Assembly
Custom X-Y Infared Inspection
X-Y Infared Inspection
Belt Driven X-Y Infared Inspection
Custom X-Y-Z Coating Process
X-Y-Z Coating Process
X-Y-Z High Accuracy Coating
Custom XYZ System
XYZ System
XYZ Automated Part Assembly
Custom Multi-Axis Systems
Multi-Axis Systems
Custom Multi-Axis Configurations
Custom X-Y Water Jet Cutting
X-Y Water Jet Cutting
Open Frame X-Y Water Jet Cutting
Custom XY Machine Assembly
XY Machine Assembly
XY Heavy Machine Assembly
Custom X Axis Machining Station
X Axis Machining Station
Large Surface Plate Machining Station
Custom XYZ Vision Inspection
XYZ Vision Inspection
XYZ Vision Inspection Station
Custom XYZ Belt System
XYZ Belt System
XYZ Belt Driven Inspection Station
Custom X-Y Laser Cutting
X-Y Laser Cutting
Two Individual X-Y axes Laser Cutting
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